Definitions & Data
Source: ABI - Public information.
Date: 2014
Basic Definitions:
  • Gross Premiums:Total premiums collected from policyholders.
  • Net Premiums:Premiums collected less reinsurance bought (ceded) plus reinsurance sold (assumed).
Ranking Categories:
  • Investments & Savings: includes unit linked and non unit linked regular and single premium business, as well as collective life, insurance ISAs and life annuities.
  • Individual & Work Pension: includes regular and single premium Personal Pensions, Stakeholder Pensions, GPPs, ESSs, SIPPs, FSAVCs, Pension Term Insurance, S32 Buyouts, Premium Waiver Benefits, and DWP Rebates.
  • Trust-Based Pension: includes trust-based pensions, EPPs, SASSs, AVCs, TIPs, Bulk Buyouts and pension annuities. Managed fund business has been excluded.
  • Protection and Other: includes Income Protection, Long Term Care, Stand Alone Critical Illness and any other long term business not included elsewhere.
  • Rankings are provided at the group level.
  • Data is predominatly sourced from forms 40-41 supplied to the FCA under the Interim Prudential Insurance Sourcebook for Insurers.